Guide: How to acquire Sentinel’s $DVPN token on Osmosis

This guide will assume you are using a desktop browser.

First you will need to install the Keplr wallet from

Click “Get Started”.

Click to install the extension, in this guide I’m using Microsoft Edge, but it allows for Chrome extensions, as do most browsers, like Brave.

Click “add to Chrome”, then “add extension”.

Now click back to the Keplr tab. Then click on the Keplr icon on the top right of your browser. — Just to the right of the address bar.

Once clicked, you will be prompted to either create a new wallet or import one.

In this guide I will create a new account.

Click “Create new account”. Then the following screen will load. *Important* Remember your mnemonic seed and store it in a safe place for if you ever need to recover the account, never give anyone this or type it into potentially malicious sites or chats. Then set the name, and set a password. Scroll down and click next.

*You can choose to have a longer mnemonic seed, of up to 24 words.

You will now have to enter your mnemonic seed in the order it was originally displayed then click “Register”.

I’ve blacked out a few of the words in this example, to prevent anyone accessing this particular wallet.

You are now all set! Click “Done”. And go back to the Keplr wallet tab.

On the left hand side menu, all the Cosmos based projects are listed that you are able to deposit on Keplr.

To deposit $ATOM click on the Keplr Icon as highlighted on the image below.

Once you click the Keplr Icon, the following screen will appear, you will now be able to copy your $ATOM address and send $ATOM to it.

*If you need to get the $ATOM token. You can trade it on

Once you have sent across your $ATOM token, the balance will be on the left hand menu on your Keplr home screen when the transaction comes through.

*When sending your $ATOM to your Keplr you DO NOT need to input a MEMO code, you may be prompted to do so by Binance (if sending from there) but it is not required for Keplr.

You are now ready to buy Sentinel $DVPN on Osmosis!

Go to and enter. On the bottom left of the screen you need to click “Connect Wallet”. Keplr will then prompt you, requesting a connection, click “approve”.

Next, navigate to the Assets on the left hand menu.

Find the “Cosmos Hub — ATOM” row and click deposit.

Keplr will pop up with a prompt to connect, click “approve”. Now you will see a balance to deposit on Osmosis. Select the amount you want to transfer, always remembering to leave a small amount to cover any transaction costs.

Keplr will again prompt you, this time to set the fee to process the transaction. Click “approve”.

Once approved you will see the status of the transaction in a few moments.

Wait a few minutes for the transaction to appear. Once in, you are ready to swap $ATOM for $DVPN.

Next, use the left hand menu to navigate to the “Trade” button. The red arrow highlights the switch function, make sure $ATOM is selected and at the top. The green arrow highlights the drop down menu, use it to select $DVPN.

Once $ATOM & $DVPN are selected, Input the amount of $ATOM you wish to swap, then click the Swap button to enact the trade.

Once you click swap, Kelpr will pop up and ask to approve by setting a fee. Currently, due to technical issues you will need to set “Low fee” then click “Set Gas” and set gas to 3000000 (3 million).

Once selected, click “Approve”. Wait a few moments, Keplr will then notify you if the trade was successful. Congratulations you have now swapped $ATOM for $DVPN. To check all your assets click on the left hand menu on “Assets”.

The next guide in this series will be on how to provide liquidity to different pools; specifically, $ATOM/$DVPN.



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